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Find Your Sense of Tumour 2016: Happy Heads

Happy Sunday Brexit Britain.

I have to begin with a humungous thanks to all that have donated, fundraised, ran and challenged themselves over the past two months for Cancer Research UK, and our humble JustGiving page. Including offline donations, we're up to a completely batty £16,000, which isn't half bad a start. I owe you all my heartfelt gratitude, and a beer.

As I see in my sixth and final round of this particular combination of chemotherapy (don't worry - there's plenty more de-icer to be pumped into me over the coming months...), I'm going to talk a wee bit about cancer treatment; its effects, its composition, and its novelties. But first, before I dazzle and amaze you with my dreadful written chat, here's some verbal diarrhoea for your pleasure. I spoke at a Teenage Cancer Trust conference called 'Find Your Sense of Tumour' back in the November of 2016 about cancer's effect on mental health, but there's a fair amount, naturally, that speaks to all of us, regardless of health. Take a goosey gander if you're so inclined, and bask in the sight of my marvellous beard and biceps combination.

I'll be back in a weeks' time with talk of treatment. In the meantime, if someone guesses the correct amount of times Theresa May says "strong and stable leadership" over the next seven days, they win a prize.


(If the video is playing funny-bugger, head to )

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