CHemotionally Unstable - hence our man Kim - is a blog and story about all aspects of living with incurable cancer, from treatment and mental wellbeing, to spirituality and fitness, and all things in-between, all in aid of Cancer Research UK. We're aiming to make it to a cool £100,000 before I bite the dust, so please do give what you can to help beat cancer sooner




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Carter Pewterschmidt has the cure

Gareth W. Dunn

Hi, my name's Gareth, and I'm blogging about living with incurable cancer to raise money for Cancer Research UK before I pop my clogs. Take a look at my first post for some background, if you like. I'm totally hilarious, so it's worth a read, promise.


This blog is dedicated to my dearly departed friends, and two wonderful people taken before their time, James Averill and Sara Djoudi. Please give what you can!

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Gareth W. Dunn, A Tribute

It is with a very deep and profound sadness that, after a brave and courageous fight with secondary cancer, Gareth Dunn sadly passed away peacefully on the 29th October 2018 aged just 27. A short review of his life reveals that, after graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in History, followed then by a Masters in International Relations at King's College London, his ambition was to join the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as a diplomatic officer - but not before first serving a stint in the Army, for which he was accepted for officer training at Sandhurst Military Academy. Almost immediately after being accepted though, he was diagnosed with Sarcoma in his foot, a rare and v

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