CHemotionally Unstable - hence our man Kim - is a blog and story about all aspects of living with incurable cancer, from treatment and mental wellbeing, to spirituality and fitness, and all things in-between, all in aid of Cancer Research UK. We're aiming to make it to a cool £100,000 before I bite the dust, so please do give what you can to help beat cancer sooner




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Carter Pewterschmidt has the cure

Gareth W. Dunn

Hi, my name's Gareth, and I'm blogging about living with incurable cancer to raise money for Cancer Research UK before I pop my clogs. Take a look at my first post for some background, if you like. I'm totally hilarious, so it's worth a read, promise.


This blog is dedicated to my dearly departed friends, and two wonderful people taken before their time, James Averill and Sara Djoudi. Please give what you can!

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Religion & Life After Death: How To Offend Everyone

Is there a God? Is there life after death? What do we have to do in our temporary earthly vessels to do to reach ‘Paradise’? These are questions humanity has asked for 200,000 years, since the time at which we were able to look up to the stars, gaze in awe, and wonder. Questions that were designed to add purpose to our lives. To distract us from human misery and suffering. Questions that were often rhetorical, or given answers that were, and are, at best ambiguous, and at worse, loaded and dangerous. Which is why I, as your Lord and Saviour, have decided to answer these questions for you. If I haven’t offended almost everyone yet with condom gags and excessive use of the ‘C’ word, fear not,

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